Jennifer J. Stewart

Seriously funny books for children

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Do you need a guest author?

Jennifer J. Stewart enjoys speaking to children in schools and libraries. She also speaks to grown-ups at writing workshops and conferences. For a full bio, click here.


Do you dare become a writer? Jennifer talks about inspiration, the journey to become a book author, and how writing can take you to places you never dreamed of—first, she ended up halfway around the world, in Nepal! And now, she flies regularly in teeny tiny planes as a Flying Samaritan. She tells her story and the amazing stories behind her books—yes, Pippi Longstocking really did try to kill her daughter—while weaving in humorous anecdotes and writing tips for authors in training. She likes to leave time for questions and answers.

Jennifer J. Stewart

Children come away from Jennifer's presentations with renewed excitement for reading and writing. Read comments about past appearances.


Planning and organization make for a successful author visit. Children need to know who Jennifer is and why she is coming in advance of her visit. Even if it's only first chapters, they should be introduced to her books through classroom reading. Sufficient copies of her books should be purchased in advance for the library, so that students may read them ahead of time.

Jennifer needs to know the schedule in advance: how many children and what grade levels she will be talking to in each session. She needs at least a 10 minute break between sessions

Jennifer's novels are more appropriate for children in the third through seventh grades, but she enjoys talking to high schoolers, too. Her picture book works well with kindergarteners through fourth grades. Also, she loves 'test driving' manuscripts. Sessions for younger children will be shorter. She suggests 20 minutes for kindergarteners, and 30 minutes for first and second graders.

Jennifer will speak to small groups, large groups (she has spoken to over 700 children), and groups somewhere in between. Please email Jennifer if you have questions, and she can also send you more information about preparing for a school visit.

It is also possible to have a virtual visit, live in cyberspace via Skype. Jennifer provides signed personalized bookplates, so that children can still have autographed books.


Jennifer's rates are listed below. Fees are negotiable, depending on circumstance and location. (Is there a friend she wants to visit close by? Can she do research there? Is the proposed visit in Maui?)

Please note that a full day entails four 45 minutes to one hour long sessions. A half day is defined as two 45 minutes to one hour sessions. Travel expenses outside Arizona may include lodging, meals, and airfare.

Also, Jennifer donates back the profits from the sales of her books to the school hosting her visit.


Tucson, Arizona

Full day: $700; Half day: $350

Elsewhere in Arizona

Full day: $900; Half day: $600

Outside Arizona

Full day: $1,200 + travel expenses; Half day: $700 + travel expenses

Jennifer's virtual visits cost $100 per session, for 45 minutes to an hour.


Please email Jennifer if you have any questions about this list.


Jennifer keeps a stash of books in her closet, so that she can supply books for school visits. She gives all profits from book sales to schools and non-profit organizations that have invited her to speak.

Jennifer will send you a book order form tailored for your school, once a visit is scheduled. It works best if sent out about 10 days ahead of time. Autographed books make wonderful souvenirs!


There is another children's author named Jennifer Stewart without that crucial middle initial "J," and it is embarrassing when the two are confused. Also, there is an 'actress' who is Jennifer Stewart without the "J," and although Jennifer never been confused with her, if you leave the "J" off her website address, you may see some things you did not want to see. Remember the J!