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People say the nicest things...

"A role model for young writers!"

"One thing I enjoyed very much was the visit from Jennifer J. Stewart. I liked hearing her stories, and it was nice that I got signed books from her. Her talking to the class made me appreciate children's literature more."

"Thank you so very much for giving all of us a wonderful day of presentations, autographing, and conversation. Your books are wildly popular!"

"I have been to many workshops, conferences and seminars and yours was definitely one of the best. Finally a good description of "writer's voice!" I now get the idea! I think this might be the turning point for my writing and I am dying to get started!"

"A parent came to me and said that her first grader came home after hearing you speak and immediately set to work making book after book (stapling notebook paper together and making a cover). Afterward, she sat down and wrote one story after another. Her mom reminded her that you'd emphasized going back and making them better but little Brylee insisted that they were perfect just the way they were. She said she has been writing madly ever since. I told her even if she didn't revise, I think it's pretty wonderful she was inspired to write!"

"Just wanted to compliment you on your excellent talk yesterday. I've never considered writing fiction, let alone for kids, but you inspired me for my own grown-up, nonfiction writing. You had a great presence up there, funny and informative."

"Amazing presentation, and I raved about it to everyone. Though you probably already know this, you are a captivating story-teller with an ability to make your words dance. Thank you for taking the time to share so much about your life and work."

"Jennifer J. Stewart influenced me because she says that she thinks of what character she wants to be when she goes to write a story. When I first came up with the idea to write about my cat, I was just going to tell his story. I thought of Jennifer and it made me realize that I could be anything while writing it, and I didn't want to be in a writer's perspective. I thought I could tell the story from my cat's point of view, then I made up a whole new theme and story line."

"Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us at the [Arizona Library Association] conference. I received many wonderful comments about your program, and I hope that you will do one for us in the future."

"Forgive me if I get a bit schmaltzy here, but how can I ever thank you for your presence at our event? Jennifer, you and the other authors made the day special for everyone who attended... Even more, you kids' authors, with your enthusiasm and love for what you do, touched our listeners' hearts and gave them something special to remember."

"Thank you so much for speaking at our Family Reading Night! It's fun to give kids the chance to meet a "real" author and to hear about different cultures and experiences."

"It's wonderful when people like you share yourself with the children who can be inspired to do the same."

"Jennifer, we certainly love to have you at our school. Your new book seems to be particularly fun to many! Thank you."

"Your time spent with our students was very powerful."

"Thank your for visiting my class today. The kids really enjoyed your visit and I enjoyed getting to know the author in you. You are very talented writer and speaker."

If you would like me to speak at your school or conference, please email Jennifer.